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Classification of screw guard cover

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Classification of screw guard cover

发布日期:2018-3-12 14:45:13 来源:管理员

  Classification of screw guard cover

  According to the production process is divided into steel ring support type, sewing type.

  According to the shape can be divided into cylindrical, tower, square, rectangle, elliptic, building trapezoid, curved crescent, semicircle and other shapes.

  According to the connection mode, it can be divided into (1) two necklines (2) flange (screw type) (3) flange and a neckline. Flange can be divided into PVC flange and metal flange.

  Steel ring support

  Adopt a variety of fabrics, supported by the steel wire ring, high - frequency heating sleeve is made, the outer diameter is fixed. Can in the high temperature between 110 ℃ and 40 ℃ low temperature - work properly. Can be effective dustproof, waterproof, prevent oil, emulsion and chemicals, with neat appearance, not easy to deformation characteristics, based on its strict, strong, can be used in many mechanical ventilation and dust removal, etc. The diameter and length can be determined according to the specific requirements of the user.

  Sewing type

  According to the working environment there are many different materials, made from the first wafer by pressing, sewing and become, within the two neighboring edge, two outside stitching together, through the sewing can achieve good shape stability and strong in horizontal direction. According to the installation mode, it can be divided into integral type, pull chain, adhesive type, snap-button, etc., which can bring more convenience to the installation of users.