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Why use a screw guard?

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Why use a screw guard?

发布日期:2018-3-12 14:47:48 来源:管理员

  Why use a screw guard?

  Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the working environment and assembly process. No iron filings, impurities, dust, etc. Are attached to the guide rail. If the working environment has dust, in addition to the use of the guide rail seal, should also increase the dustproof device screw guard cover. The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear to prevent overheating, to damage its internal structure and to affect the movement function of the guide rail. Good lubrication is conducive to the performance of the rolling linear guide and extends the service life. Saw damping type drilling machine is used in the automatic control of single centralized lubrication system, in order to ensure the normal order of the lubrication, the point should be lubricated regularly checking automatic program execution and unobstructed, to pump the gas must ensure that the oil and gas tools clean. In production practice, some of the shaft parts (such as slender shaft, large diameter and length of shaft, etc.) are often required to rely on center away L positioning to processing, for to some precision demand is higher, especially on both ends of the shaft alignment and cylindricity demanding parts, in the center hole of a precision directly affects the precision of processed parts, if use the commonly used method to play center away L positioning, it is difficult to guarantee its shape tolerance requirements, and even cannot be guaranteed. To solve this problem, I through production practice, on the basis of the original process improved the new 1 2 arts program, not only greatly improve the production efficiency, reduces the labor cost, reduce the rejection rate, and achieved good economic benefits.