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Silk bar protection mask processing mode.

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Silk bar protection mask processing mode.

发布日期:2018-3-12 14:53:38 来源:管理员

  Silk bar protection mask processing mode.

  Screw shield is dustproof, waterproof, prevent oil, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, anti-aging, prevent emulsion and chemicals, iron filings, tensile, impact deformation resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc.

  This product is made by nylon cloth, insulating coil, rubber and cloth, high temperature resistant cloth, oilproof cloth, waterproof cloth, flame retardant cloth, acid and alkali cloth, etc., which can be customized for different needs of customers. General sheath of elongation and compression ratio of 10:1. 5, the product shape can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements, much Angle screw shield, rectangle screw shield, cylindrical screw shield, can also be made according to the requirements of customers ratio is bigger or smaller sheath.

  Screw shield is a kind of protective cover, it can effectively protect the lead screw, light bars, shaft, pillar and other components are not affected by the dust thereof, pollution and destruction, can do open or compression movement, along with the parts use can be vertical or horizontal. It is recommended to use the support ring of plastic or aluminum to maintain a certain uniform distance between the inner cavity and the screw rod, so as to extend the service life. When the stretch length is large, the metal ring can be added to each compromise to improve the stability of the shroud. Metal flanges are usually used for connections or fixed ends, or sleeve straps. The screw guard is processed according to the way of processing, and the factors that are suitable for different processing technologies are also considered in two forms. Screw shield is a steel ring support, this shield USES the many kinds of fabrics, there a hard steel wire ring support, can in the high temperature between 110 ℃ and 40 ℃ low temperature - work properly. Can effective dustproof, waterproof, prevent oil, emulsion and chemicals, the shield has a neat appearance, not easy to deformation characteristics, based on its tight and firm, this cover and can be used in many mechanical ventilation and dust removal, etc. The flexibility of this product is not only optional in the material, but also depends on the specific requirements to determine the diameter and length required. Another is sewing screw shield, circular screw cover is sewn by stamping the wafer, the two neighboring inside edge, two outside stitching together, through the sewing can achieve good shape stability and strong in horizontal direction. Materials can be selected according to different working conditions.