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An overview of the accordion shield.

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An overview of the accordion shield.

发布日期:2018-3-12 15:01:20 来源:管理员

  An overview of the accordion shield.

  Organ shield with the constant improvement of machinery and equipment, the requirements of the protection system also increase, especially the use of servo motor to make the speed of processing machinery is more and more high, sometimes can be as high as 200 m/min, which requires pulling resistance but light weight material for protection.

  In addition, the application of flexible organ protection covers in medicine, measurement, automatic control and food technology is also becoming more and more extensive. These industries require protective cover to prevent dust and have no toxicity to food.

  The flexible organ shield is also widely used in automobile assembly line. Our protective cover can meet the requirements of high and smooth operation.

  Almost all areas that require protection can design and produce an organ protective cover for you in a short period of time.