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  Cangzhou huamaocheng machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the production base of machine tool accessories - hebei salt mountain. Our company is committed to the development, design, production and sales of industrial automation products. Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technical force. Rich production experience and strict quality management system, become a designated production enterprise of the ministry of machinery industry.

  My company's main products are: all kinds of machine tool protective cover, engineering plastic drag chain, the new PVC flexible shield, organ type shield, guide rail protective cover, steel shield, barrel type, armor type, volume curtain telescopic protective shield, aluminum curtain, TL bridge steel drag chain, bridge type fully enclosed engineering plastic drag chain, rectangular metal soft tube protector, DGT type guide tube protector, spiral steel belt sheath, machine tool guideway scraping crumbs board, T collision block groove boards, adjustable plastic cooling pipe, S78 how mattress iron, chip removal device, in addition to the chip conveyor, conveyor chain, all kinds of workers gauge, machine work lamp, etc.

  It is an important guarantee for the operation and survival of an enterprise, and also an important symbol of the operation of enterprises according to law. Over the years, our company has always adhered to the concept of good faith service, and adhered to the principle of honesty and trust, as well as the principle of credit standing, and the integrity management as the foundation of the enterprise and the foundation of the business. Through the cultivation of ethical service culture, established a good social reputation, for the rapid development of enterprises to provide credit guarantee.

  Quality is the life of the enterprise, and the quality is the core of all personnel, all-round and whole-process management. Our company will be first-class quality, good reputation, to provide users with satisfactory service. We sincerely cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad, and make contribution to the development of CNC supporting products.