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Spiral steel tape shield

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Spiral steel with case - the patron saint of ball screw
Performance: spiral steel with case I pay and Italy developed a novel function of machine tool parts, used for nc machine tools, machining centers and other kinds of precision machine tools, hydraulic. The shafting, poles and protection of ball screw. It not only has the chip and the cooling fluid, and other functions, and can maintain normal precision machine tool, prolong the service life of machine tools, increase and beautiful.

Structural features: screw with case is made of high quality spring steel after heat treatment of steel manufacturing, and on the ball screw, axis. The protection rod parts. Cases by installing in the protected a two-terminal for flange, and be to protect wet sex without contact link. Connection between the flange is safe in the cases and to rely on its own pre compression elasticity and implementation, so work in stable operation and retractile, noise, its surface is made of black gloss, coordinate with big is not part of the flange parts in machine tool.
Ordering instructions: spiral steel with case according to the ball screw, shaft, rod type, the diameter of the parts, mobile distance stud earrings system parameters, such as matching, so when placing order, in accordance with the following methods:
1. The user unit according to the standard specification we provided to choose
2. The user units to provide case D, Lmax, Lmin special requirements (D2) code (see figure), designed and manufactured by our factory, unified price calculation according to the standard specifications.
1, on the flange is a home-made, our factory can provide a sketch.
2, such as bulk order price.
3, in addition to the restrictions on the size is a special case, D2 does not make the request.

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