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Fectangle metal soft tube of mode JR-2

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Structure and purpose
Rectangular metal hose adopts full metal structure. The product conforms to standard JB/GQ058285 syndicated, suitable for all kinds of metal cutting machine tools and cutting machine tools. Prevention and treatment of high iron for your power supply, water, steam line damage, protect labor safety.
Choose the shape
1, indicate the type and model as shown below:
A * B * L - form assembly; L - hose length, including the connector assembly, hose assembly situation map form: 1-1 x
1, special joint form a - c;
Example: 25 * 50 * 1200-1, 25 * 50 * 1200 - AB - 111


Note: 1, placed below should be set up with enough length of dragging plate.
2, horizontal allow use beyond the length of the specified in the table, but the proposal at an appropriate position design of rolling bearing point, in case such as bending under the hose.