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Tubing lag of model DGT

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Structure and purpose
Chrome plating processing, registering diameter and stainless steel and plastic, with engineering plastics reinforced nylon 66 fiber combination; Registering stainless steel edition polishing treatment with engineering plastics, reasonable structure, high strength, deformation, exquisite appearance, etc.
Easy installation, suitable for kinds of machine tool mechanical appliances, hydraulic pressure steam pipeline protective and decorative beauty host overall modelling. To ensure that the operating personnel labor safety, strengthen the machine in our country, machinery and equipment in the international market competition ability.
Choose the shape
Indicate the type and model as shown below:
(1) such as 1 # 11 or 25 * 45 * 1200 - A - 1200 - A - 11
(2) such as 3 # 52 - AB - 111 or 1800 x 102 x 102 - A - 111
Selection, please pay attention to the specification, model, assembly forms A, B, C, D.

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